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Setup project is not registering the same on DEBUG mode than on RELEASE mode compilation

Setup project is not registering the same on DEBUG mode ...

Difference between a Debug and Release build Visual Studio Debug VS Release mode another is dll project,while put the dll project's output as the . custom actions in the setup project) I doubt that when the setup project decompress the files to the targer machine,the dll path . is not the same as when it was been compressed … Both the modes have own importance and characteristics. The details about Release mode and Debug mode are as: Debug Mode. Developer use debug mode for debugging the web application on live/local server. Debug mode allow developers to break the execution of program using interrupt 3 and step through the code. Debug mode has below features: How to debug the Setup Project~ The generated installer was tested on a clean Windows 7 (x86), when compiled in DEBUG mode, ALL COM libraries are copied and registered as expected, the application runs; but when the same project is compiled in RELEASE mode the COM libraries are not registered properly and the caller application throws COM exception. Locate the configuration/system.web/compilation section. (If the compilation element doesn't exist, create it.) Make sure that the debug attribute in the compilation element is set to true. (If the compilation element doesn't contain a debug attribute, add it and set it to true.) Programmers generally use the Debug mode for debugging step by step their .Net project and select the Release mode for the final build of Assembly file (.dll or .exe). The Debug mode does not optimize the binary it produces because the relationship between source code and generated instructions is more complex. Enable debugging for ASP.NET apps

Difference between a Debug and Release build

Debug Vs Release Mode Mode Debugging in Visual Studio How to change Release Mode to Debug Mode Obviously, code compiled in Debug mode does not perform quite as well as Release-mode code does. at the top of visual studio u can see a dropdown which shows debug or release "Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."

How to debug the Setup Project~

How to: Configure projects to target platforms Questions: I have to debug a c++ project, but as one dependency doesn’t compile in debug mode and I haven’t been able to fix that issue so far, I’d like to try to debug the project in release mode. Currently the application crashes due to a … How to change Release Mode to Debug Mode Hello all, I am working in a windows application in c#. From yesterday my code is not working prorperlly, means. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Configurations, Bit, Release Mode, Remove, Show, Click, Project Properties, Debug Mode, and Combo Box. Detecting ASP.NET Debug mode @Ryo - please re-read my previous comment. is not the same as the DEBUG symbol that determines debug mode during compilation. These are completely different settings and apply to different things. #DEBUG switch maps to Debug mode on your Web project or more precisely the DEBUG symbol that the debug compilation mode sets. So before I build the setupproject do I need to set in Release mode and also set the debug to false in the web.config. (Or) Can I build the setup project in release mode with debug ="true" in dev box and set the debug="false" in web.config in the production server. Please guide me.It is urgent. Thanks, pcs Build the web application in release mode and set debug ... Flutter's build modes No special setup is required for debugging a user-mode process on the local computer. For information about attaching to a process or launching a process under the debugger, see Debugging a User-Mode Process Using Visual Studio. Debugging a User-Mode Process on a Target Computer. In some cases, two computers are used for debugging.