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RGeo 0.5.2 و RGeo :: CoordSys :: SRSDatabase :: ActiveRecordTable

RGeo convex hull of list of points

Polygon area calculation in Ruby (on Rails, rgeo, PostGIS ... Issues · rgeo/activerecord Rails Part 9: The PostGIS spatial The application already uses rgeo and PostGIS (via the activerecord-postgis-adapter) and already requires rgeo's optional libGEOS support. So I'd like to make use of these tools for the area calculation, too. I can use PostGIS (via the activerecord-postgis-adapter) to compute the area of any rgeo geometry: For detailed information, see the RGeo::CoordSys::SRSDatabase module in the RGeo documentation. Observant readers may notice that PostGIS includes one more automatic table, called geometry_columns . I may cover this table in a later article that digs deeper into PostGIS, but if you're interested now, it's described in the PostGIS documentation. Module: RGeo::Geographic — Documentation for rgeo/rgeo ... RGeo 0.5.2 and RGeo::CoordSys::SRSDatabase::ActiveRecordTable. 1. Point in polygon rgeo. 1. Convert Polygon to MultiPolygon using RGeo gem. 1. How to find the Closest point of a line string to a given location - rgeo. Hot Network Questions Can someone tell me the name of this piece? ActiveRecord connection adapter for PostGIS, based on postgresql and rgeo - rgeo/activerecord-postgis-adapter. Skip to content. ... NameError: uninitialized constant RGeo::CoordSys::SRSDatabase::ActiveRecordTable #217 opened Mar 31, 2016 by jtgeibel. 2. Previous 1 2 Next. Previous Next. ProTip! You may pass either an RGeo::CoordSys::Proj4 object, or a string or hash containing the Proj4 parameters. This coordinate system must be a geographic (lat/long) coordinate system. It defaults to the geographic part of the projection factory's coordinate system.

Module: RGeo::Geographic — Documentation for rgeo/rgeo ...

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