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Octave plotyy shows only half the x lables

Octave plotyy shows only half the x

GNU Octave: Plot Annotations On Sep 14, 2011, at 1:47 PM, Philip Hahn wrote: > Greetings, > > I have 3 subplots and the titles/labels overlap in the plot output and when printed. subplot titles and labels overlap GNU Octave: Axis Configuration : plotyy (x1, y1, x2, y2): plotyy (…, fun): plotyy (…, fun1, fun2): plotyy (hax, …): [ax, h1, h2] = plotyy (…) Plot two sets of data with independent y-axes and a common x-axis. The arguments x1 and y1 define the arguments for the first plot and x1 and y2 for the second.. By default the arguments are evaluated with feval (@plot, x, y).However the type of plot can be modified with the ... Specify the string used to label the x-axis of the current axis. An optional list of property / value pairs can be used to change the properties of the created text label. If the first argument hax is an axes handle, then operate on this axis rather than the current axes returned by gca . I try to use plotyy in octave but it shows only half of the x-labels. I think I just don't get how to use xtick and xticklables correctly. xAxis = [800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700]; Function Reference: plotyy Called without arguments xlim returns the x-axis limits of the current plot. With the input query "mode", return the current x-limit calculation mode which is either "auto" or "manual". If passed a 2-element vector [x_lo x_hi], the limits of the x-axis are set to these values and the mode is set to "manual". The special values -Inf and Inf can ...

Function Reference: plotyy

>>> warning: create_set is obsolete and will be removed from a future version of Octave, please use unique instead. And, 2. Why I don't have a semilogx grid. Please, compera the x-axis in the original figure with this figure. I don't have the tipical division of semilog diagram Function Reference: axis How can I modify the Y limits of the axes created by ... The limits (and Y ticks) are automatically calculated by the PLOTYY function, so that they are aligned for both sets of data. However, you can modify them by changing the axes' YLim values. x = 1:10; how to change line width, colour and xaxis labels ... To label the two axes independently, record the output of plotyy() ax = plotyy(x1-11100,y1,x2,y2, 'stairs' , 'plot' ); Then index result to specify which axis you want axes in the same figure : axis (): axis ([x_lo x_hi]): axis ([x_lo x_hi y_lo y_hi]): axis ([x_lo x_hi y_lo y_hi z_lo z_hi]): axis ([x_lo x_hi y_lo y_hi z_lo z_hi c_lo c_hi]): axis (option): axis (option1, option2, …): axis (hax, …): limits = axis Set axis limits and appearance. The argument limits should be a 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-element vector. The first and second elements specify the lower and upper limits for the ... I am trying to use the plotyy function to plot a bar chart with a line graph on top. Generally I have managed to achieve what I was after but would also like to change the line thickness (the hLine.LineWidth = 3; doesn't seem to work), the colour (ditto with hLine.Color = [159/255 20/255 124/255; 70/255 32/255 112/255];) and the xaxis labels are displaying correctly but underneath are the ...

GNU Octave: Plot Annotations

Making Great Plots in Octave (and Matlab, too ... The 4th syntax of ylabel shows explixitly than you can 'refer' to a specific axis. Which means that you have to use the last syntax of plotyy to retrieve the handles to both axes and then feed it … gnuplot / Bugs / #1784 Octave subplot produces graph with ... The set of contour levels, C, is only returned if requested. For example: x = 0:2; y = x; z = x' * y; contour (x, y, z, 2:3) The style to use for the plot can be defined with a line style STYLE in a similar manner to the line styles used with the `plot' command. Octave Programming Tutorial/Plotting When it comes to engineering, successful designs often hinge on clearly communicating technical data and analyses, which generally means lots of plots and graphics. Luckily, Octave, a great tool for performing calculations and processing data, can also generate some very professional plots! I'd like to go over some tips for making your plots presentation-worthy plots… Figures, Graphs, and Plots in Octave If you think it is a bug of octave, you should ask in the octave community. Note that Octave - gnuplot iteraction is improved in Octave 4.0.1. Therefore I recommend you to upgrage your Ocave to 4.0.1. Perhaps binaries of 4.0.1 on Ubuntu 15.10 has not released yet. However, it is not difficult to build octave 4.0.1 by yourself on Ubuntu. Plotting. All of Octave's plotting functions use gnuplot to handle the actual graphics. There are two low-level functions, gplot and gsplot, that behave almost exactly like the corresponding gnuplot functions plot and `splot'.A number of other higher level plotting functions, patterned after the graphics functions found in MATLAB version 3.5, are also available.

subplot titles and labels overlap

how do i change color of the y Learn more about plotyy axis color . Skip to content. Toggle Main Navigation. ... Show Hide 1 older comment. Rory Staunton on 22 May 2011 ... Using YAxis(2) will only work for R2014b or later, when yyaxis has been used, and will not work for plotyy() Sara Anthony on 12 Jul 2019 ... Mathematica Stack Exchange Tutorialspoint Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share …