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Bispectral and $(\\mathfrak{gl}

The regular representations of $\mathrm{GL} Poisson Methods for Isospectral Flows Deligne Categories and the Limit of Categories Rep(GL(m For classical Lie superalgebras of type I, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for a Verma supermodule $Δ(λ)$ to be such that every non-zero homomorphism from another Verma supermodule to $Δ(λ)$ is injective. This is applied to describe the socle of the cokernel of an inclusion of Verma supermodules over the periplectic Lie superalgebras $\\mathfrak{pe}(n)$ and, furthermore, to ... 1.6. Our results can be illustrated as follows. The description of functors from Deligne categories to tensor categories looks like a category-theory version of the description of homomorphisms from a commutative ring to fields. Lie–Poisson systems and isospectral flows are two well-studied classes of dynamical systems. The former appear as Poisson reductions of Hamiltonian systems for which the configuration and symmetry space is a Lie group (see the monograph [] and references therein).The classical example is the free rigid body as viewed by Poincaré [].The latter, isospectral flows, appear as Lax formulations ... These formulas can be used to define a $\mathfrak{gl} (n)$-module structure on some infinite-dimensional modules - the so-called generic Gelfand-Tsetlin modules. The generic Gelfand-Tsetlin modules are convenient to work with since for every generic tableau there exists a unique irreducible generic Gelfand-Tsetlin module containing this tableau as a basis element. The regular representations of $\mathrm{GL}_{N}$ over finite local principal ideal rings Tsetlin modules of $\mathfrak{gl}(n ...

dimensional representations of reduced enveloping ...

Note that for a sub-Lie group G G of the general linear group of order n n, the Lie algebra 𝔤 \mathfrak{g} is a subspace of the vector space of n × n n\times n matrices. It should be remarked that U ( n ) U(n) is a real subgroup of GL n ( ℂ ) GL_n(\mathbb{C}) but not a complex subgroup; hence its Lie algebra 𝔲 n \mathfrak{u}_n is a ... In mathematics, the Cartan decomposition is a decomposition of a semisimple Lie group or Lie algebra, which plays an important role in their structure theory and representation theory.It generalizes the polar decomposition or singular value decomposition of matrices. Its history can be traced to the 1880s work of Élie Cartan and Wilhelm Killing. Eilenberg algebra in nLab Cartan decomposition [2011.09975] Exponentiation and Fourier transform of ... arXivLabs is a framework that allows collaborators to develop and share new arXiv features directly on our website. Both individuals and organizations that work with arXivLabs have embraced and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence, and user data privacy. arXiv is committed to these values and only works with partners that adhere to them.

Understanding elements of $\mathfrak{gl ...

Suppose $\mathfrak{g}_0=\mathfrak{m}$ is the Levi subalgebra of a maximal parabolic lie algebra $\mathfrak{p}= \bigoplus_{n\geq 0}\mathfrak{g}_n$, where I am considering the grading induced by characters of the center of $\mathfrak{m}$. Quantum affine $\frak{gl} A Cartan subalgebra of gl n, the Lie algebra of n×n matrices over a field, is the algebra of all diagonal matrices. [ citation needed ] For the special Lie algebra of traceless n × n {\displaystyle n\times n} matrices s l n ( C ) {\displaystyle {\mathfrak {sl}}_{n}(\mathbb {C} )} , it has the Cartan subalgebra Restricting representations to a principal $\\mathfrak{s}l(2)$ In this paper, we construct two different classes of Vira-soro modules from twisting Harish-Chandra modules over the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra by an automorphism of the twisted ... General linear group of a vector space. If V is a vector space over the field F, the general linear group of V, written GL(V) or Aut(V), is the group of all automorphisms of V, i.e. the set of all bijective linear transformations V → V, together with functional composition as group operation.If V has finite dimension n, then GL(V) and GL(n, F) are isomorphic. The beautiful Beilinson-Lusztig-MacPherson construction [1] of quantum gl n has been generalised to the quantum affine gl n [4, 9], to the quantum super gl m|n [12], and partially to the other ... New family of simple $\mathfrak{gl} General linear group

Integral Quantum Loop Algebra of $\mathfrak {gl}

dimensional representations of reduced enveloping ... I know that $\text{ad}(x)$ are elements of $\mathfrak{gl}(\mathfrak... Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Abstract. We will construct the Lusztig form for the quantum loop algebra of |$\mathfrak {gl}_{n}$| by proving the conjecture [4, 3.8.6] and establish partially the Schur–Weyl duality at the integral level in this case.We will also investigate the integral form of the modified quantum affine |$\mathfrak {gl}_{n}$| by introducing an affine stabilisation property and will lift the canonical ... Understanding elements of $\mathfrak{gl ... Minimal-dimensional representations of reduced enveloping algebras for $\mathfrak{g}\mathfrak{l}_{n}$ - Volume 155 Issue 8 - Simon M. Goodwin, Lewis Topley Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. As a corollary of the properties of the integral transformation, we obtain a correspondence between critical points of the two master functions associated with the $(\mathfrak{gl}_{N},\mathfrak{gl}_{M})$ -dual Gaudin models and also between the … Tsetlin algebras and "Jucys ... Bispectral and $(\\mathfrak{gl} I'm trying to figure out/find in literature the details concerning Gelfand-Tsetlin algebras for $\mathfrak{gl}_n(\mathbb C)$ (Okounkov-Vershik style, if you wish). Consider the chain $$\mathcal U(\