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إصدار DirectoryIterator :: getExtension ()

PHP: DirectoryIterator

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PHP: DirectoryIterator::getExtension

PHP: DirectoryIterator The DirectoryIterator::getExtension() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to get the file extension.. Syntax: string DirectoryIterator::getExtension( void). Parameters: This function does not accept any parameters. Return Value: This function returns a string which contain the file extension, or an empty string if the file does not contain extension. DirectoryIterator::getExtension() version PHP: DirectoryIterator::getExtension DirectoryIterator::getExtension — Gets the file extension DirectoryIterator::getFilename — Return file name of current DirectoryIterator item DirectoryIterator::getGroup — Get group for the current DirectoryIterator item public DirectoryIterator::getExtension ( ) : string. Retrieves the file extension. Parameters. This function has no parameters. Return Values. Returns a string containing the file extension, or an empty string if the file has no extension. Examples. Example #1 DirectoryIterator::getExtension() example DirectoryIterator getExtension() Function ... 注释. Note: . This method is only available as of PHP 5.3.6. Another way of getting the extension is to use the pathinfo() function. The version of PHP I'm running under is 5.3.5, but I keep getting errors saying Fatal error: Call to undefined method DirectoryIterator::getExtension() The script works fine in my local dev machine running PHP 5.3.6, with no errors. However, the page for DirectoryIterator::getExtension() in the PHP man has no mention of version.

DirectoryIterator getExtension() Function ...

Imagick::getVersion إرجاع إصدار واجهة برمجة تطبيقات ImageMagick كسلسلة وكأحد. قيم العودة . إرجاع إصدار واجهة برمجة تطبيقات ImageMagick كسلسلة وكأحد. أخطاء / الاستثناءات . يلقي ImagickException على خطأ. ← Imagick :: getSizeOffset. DirectoryIterator::getExtension — Retorna a extensão do arquivo do item corrente do DirectoryIterator. Descrição. public DirectoryIterator::getExtension ( void) : string. Retorna a extensão do arquivo do item corrente do DirectoryIterator. Aviso. Esta função não está documentada; somente a … فئة Gmagick Difficulty installing Joomla from Applications PHP: FilesystemIterator I am trying to install Joomla from the Applications page. We have done it a lot before. It is failing saying: Error: Installation of joomla at... public Gmagick addimage ( Gmagick $source ) public Gmagick addnoiseimage ( int $noise_type ) public Gmagick annotateimage ( GmagickDraw $GmagickDraw , float $x ... You may be wondering, like I did, what is the difference between this class and DirectoryIterator? When you iteterate using DirectoryIterator each "value" returned is the same DirectoryIterator object. The internal state is changed so when you call isDir(), getPathname(), etc the correct information is returned.